Japanese Tsukanoma No Ichika (2022) Dramacool, Kissasian
Not yet rated

When Sendawara Ichika was in the 2nd grade of high school, a doctor told her she only had two years left to live. More than two years has passed since that diagnosis. Sendawara Ichika is now a university student. She spends her days not knowing if this will be her last day. Sendawara Ichika enjoys attending Yurugi Akifumi’s philosophy class. Yurugi Akifumi’s class is popular, but the students don’t pay attention to his lectures. Sendawara Ichika though listens attentively. He often talks about the meaning of life and its importance. Sendawara Ichika and Yurugi Akifumi slowly get closer, but Yurugi Akifumi suddenly quits his job at the university and disappears. One day, Sendawara Ichika meets Yurugi Akifumi again and she hopes to continue their relationship, but Yurugi Akifumi tells her something unexpected.


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